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IPv6 em Redes Wireless

"IPv6 Deployment in Wireless Networks"

(Março de 2011/Julho de 2011 :: Concluído)

Bruno Amaral Silvestre
Carlos Alexandre Silva
Nuno Veiga
Is the world ready for IPv6? Earlier this year the entity responsible for assigning addresses, assigned the last available blocks, thus marking the end of available addresses under the current IPv4 system. Even though IPv6 has been around for almost two decades, few real world implementations have been considered.

This work aims to demonstrate current IPv6 readiness as it relates to Wireless solutions, and its compatibility with current well-known Operating Systems. We will investigate current solutions available, and how they can be used in integration of IPLeiria’s transition effort. So throughout this work, a thorough study of this new version of the Internet Protocol has been done, and its advantages and problems were addressed, with a careful consideration that both protocols will co-exist for years, and that sometimes using the strengths of both protocols simultaneously can be the best measure. Stateless and stateful configuration of hosts, authentication and security in the wireless medium was subject of testing and analysis.

Relatório Final :: Apresentação

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