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Migração da Rede do IPLeiria para IPv6

"IPLeiria's Network IPv6 Migration"

(Março de 2011/Julho de 2011 :: Concluído)

Roberto Emanuel Fernandes Leal
Tiago Miguel Santos de Almeida
Nuno Veiga
IPv6 is the next step in the networking world. With the exhaustion of the IPv4 addressing range and the growth of the Internet user base the need to develop a newer and more flexible IP protocol has been arising for nearly twenty years and now the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 has begun. The idea behind a good IPv6 transition is to be able to keep the current IPv4 settings while, at the same time, implementing IPv6 into a network, allowing for an incremental growth of the new protocol while making sure IPv4 access to content and services remains unhindered. In the development of this project we researched the current state of IPv6 transition technology, evaluated which solutions can be used within the IPLeiria’s network and test those solutions. Along with these objectives this project also serves to define rules and addressing concepts used to create a structured addressing plan for the IPLeiria’s network. An example addressing plan is given and alternatives are also defined as well as scalability and growth possibilities for the chosen addressing plan. Along with these studies this project also describes the implementation of a Dual Stacked SIP based VoIP server solution for IPv4 and IPv6 that allows for VoIP calls over IPv4 and IPv6.

Relatório Final :: Apresentação

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